Trump quietly signed bill making it easier for mentally ill people to obtain guns hours before Congress address


President Trump didn’t once talk about guns throughout his entire speech to the joint session of Congress, even though he had, just hours earlier, signed a bill into law making it easier for mentally ill people to obtain them.

Just before he offered the first big address of his presidency, Trump quietly signed a bill undoing an Obama-era regulation that had made it more difficult for people with mental illness to buy guns.

Trump’s bill, called H.J. Res 40, essentially rescinded a measure put into effect by former President Barack Obama that would have added people receiving Social Security funds for certain disabilities, including mental illness, to the national gun background check database.

Obama’s rule, finalized in December, would have ultimately added more than 75,000 names to the database, according to the NRA.

Trump’s measure — which was passed by the Senate and House last week and which he signed late Tuesday afternoon without cameras present — revokes those provisions.

Gun control groups blasted Trump’s move, as well as the silent style in which it was conducted.

“Donald Trump claims he wants to make America safe. Last night he did exactly the opposite by signing a disgraceful law that will make it easier for disabled mentally ill individuals to buy guns,” Brady Campaign President Dan Gross said in a statement. “Americans will literally die as a result.”

“It is a political favor for the NRA, Donald Trump’s single largest campaign backer, and a slap in the face to every American who wants to live in a safer nation,” Gross added. “Shame on you, Mr. President.”

The National Rifle Association, however, lauded the bill.

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