25% plan on watching President Trump’s address to Congress


Trump addresses Congress

Are you going to watch President Trump's address to Congress?

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  1. lindylou988 lindylou988 on February 28, 2017 at 1:40 pm

    we are all responsible for our own actions and mr trump you are no better then anyone else you need to be impeached for youre actions
    lieing to the american people about you and puttin and other out of this world crap youre doing the american people need to know the truth
    which is highly impossible for you because everything that comes out of youre mouth is noting but one big lie you bannon and pence you and youre flunkies need to all
    be im peached you will never be like mr obama him and his family will always be number one in my heart there is only one president we all love and thats obama i feel nothing but contemp for you because you trully have not earned the trust of the american people and our neighboring countries
    god help you is all i can say

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