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Kellyanne Conway photographed making herself comfortable on Oval Office couch, Twitter calls out Trump adviser for disrespect


Kellyanne Conway has already made herself comfortable in the Trump administration.

The senior White House adviser was photographed kneeling on a couch in the Oval Office while the President met with leaders of historically black colleges and universities on Monday.

The set of photos showed Conway situating herself on the couch to take a photo of the group, but social media users took offense at her sitting on the furniture in heels.

“I will only be able to get mad at the way Kellyanne Conway sits on a couch if it turns out she’s hiding … Trump’s tax returns under her,” “Last Week Tonight” writer Josh Gondelman tweeted.

“Conway with her shoes on the couch in Oval Office — consistent with general level of disrespect Trump team has shown,” wrote Kaivan Shroff.

Some even compared Conway’s pose to a 2013 photo of President Obama with one foot on his desk while making a phone call.

The image caused controversy from those who accused the President of disrespect.

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